Initial Consultation

An initial Ayurvedic consultation provides an in depth analysis of our own unique makeup and provides an understanding of causative factors that may be present if an illness is present. Specific guidance in the form of lifestyle and dietary advice, complete with recipes. Herbal care, bodywork and detoxification therapies may also be recommended.

Initial Consultation: 1.5-2 hours 

  • Tongue Evaluation

  • Pulse Diagnostics

  • Herbal Recommendations as appropriate

  • Plan for course of treatment

  • Educational materials

Dravyaguna - Ayurvedic Pharmacology

In Ayurveda medicine has used many herbs such as turmeric possibly as early as 1900 B.C. Many other herbs and minerals used in Ayurveda were later described by ancient Indian herbalists such as Charaka and Sushruta during the 1st millennium BC. The Sushruta Samhita attributed to Sushruta in the 6th century BC describes 700 medicinal plants, 64 preparations from mineral sources, and 57 preparations based on animal sources.

If applicable, an Ayurvedic Practitioner or Physician establishes individualized herbal recommendations based on findings in the consultation.

Marma Therapy

Marma Chikitsa is an important aspect of  Ayurvedic  treatment  where the stimmulation on so called Marma points induces the flow of vital energy (prana) along a complex system of subtle channels called nadis. 



"Marion is an excellent Ayurvedic practitioner. I went to her for a consultation on my body's inflammation and exhaustion after exhausting all other avenues. I am already on quite a few medications due to a couple of illnesses. We went over my illnesses, diet, my lifestyle and exercise routines. Marion recommended herbs and dietetic changes that would help with the inflammation and constant exhaustion, and WOW! what a difference. My constant exhaustion is gone. My swollen and painful joints are no longer inflamed. I am able to workout and not suffer of pain afterwards. Thank you Marion. Your advice has made my life so much better."

Lisette Vida - April, 2020

Panchakarma and its Modalities 

Panchakarma is the purification and detoxification therapy used in Ayurvedic medicine . The word panchakarma means five actions and refers to five procedures intended to intensively cleanse and restore balance to the body, mind, and emotions. An Ayurvedic Practitioner develops a customized Panchakarma plan based on individual needs. ​